Some days you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing in the universe. And some days that’s not a bad thing. Today I talked with authors and adventurers and dreamers about the life exceptional. I walk a thin line between a desire for the safety of a 40 hour workweek and the infinitely more worthwhile desire to see, redefine, and take on the world. Most people I meet encourage me to run to safety. But sometimes, the other voices all ring together and tell me that I need an adventure.

There’s hundreds of thousands of voices telling us how to live – with less pain, more productivity, healthier, wealthier – but only in safety. Don’t risk too much or run too far

And there’s nothing wrong with safe. If you like that sort of thing. Nothing wrong. But nothing exceptional.

But other voices utter unsafe words like travel, love, fight, feel, create. Unsafe.

Sometimes you need the other voices. Unconventional. Let’s take a trip to Europe, publish a book, live outside the normal, debate everything, love someone, drive anywhere. Let’s have an adventure. 


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